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Do you assign homework, activities, or readings for me to do between sessions? Why or why not?

At times we will discuss a specific skill or study during a session, and I will assign the client to try to implement that skill in their everyday life or to read an article between sessions. Assigning homework ranges from client to client. When I assign homework, I like to ask a client how they feel about being assigned the task. I would never want to add to their stress levels, so if they think the homework has, then we reassess the usefulness of the assignment. Other clients are eager for out of session work and ask for more homework. I am open and accepting of both these circumstances.

How can you tell if I am benefiting from working with you?

Have you ever found yourself plagued by questions such as "why did I do that?" "Why did I say that?" "Why did I not do what I set out to?" Likely, there answers to these questions, that we can work to uncover together. Through our work together, we aim to understand what the motivations behind your actions are, and why you are the way you are.
You can tell our work together is working when you find yourself feeling a greater understanding of yourself, as well as gain more control over your life.

How do your own core values shape your approach to therapy?

My core values are authenticity and connection; I believe that connection reigns supreme within our relationships with others, our stories, our memories, and ourselves. Without connection, we feel lost, unsatisfied, and discontent. To connect with yourself, one has to know, understand, and embrace who they are. Let's unpack who you are! Through our work together, I hope to guide my clients to embrace their authentic selves and reconnect with that beautiful, unique, and thriving being.

How participatory are you during sessions?

My participatory levels range from client to client. While me being more verbal for one client may be helpful, for another laying back and staying out of the way may reign supreme for another. Both of these stances are useful and often use both for the same client over time.

How much do you share about yourself during our time together and why?

I believe the essential part of therapy is to create a strong therapeutic alliance or bond with my clients. The therapist-client relationship is a mirror to the client's relationships outside of the therapy room. I aim to foster a healthy attachment between myself and the client, partly to provide an example for the client of a healthy attachment. If I believe that sharing about myself or related experience would benefit the client and our relationship, then I share an appropriate amount.

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