Individual Therapy

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If you’re looking for quality individual therapy sessions with a therapist that cares, then you’ve come to the right place. At Collaborative Therapy, we will work to heal the longest and most important relationship in your life; the relationship with your beautiful reflection in the mirror. We will unpack how and why you speak to yourself, meet your inner child, and understand your beliefs about your experiences. Together we will uncover how that which we unpack has led you to where you are. Together, we will reveal how rich and restoring a world with connection is.

Currently, you can find me at Collaborative Therapy, where I am accepting new clients in New York State.


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We believe everyone deserves healthy love! Whether you are struggling to trust your partner, dealing with infidelity, seeking better communication, wanting to set yourselves up for long-term relationship success, or looking to rekindle your spark, you have found yourself in the right place! At Collaborative Therapy, we help couples become their strongest by creating a safe space to confront, address, and overcome challenges that come their way.

Couples' Therapy