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Individual Therapy

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My individual therapeutic approach is warm, nurturing, and integrated, drawing from the client's inner wellspring of wisdom. We work together as a team, exploring your unique experiences, perceptions, and beliefs that have consciously and unconsciously shaped your life path.

I begin by cultivating a safe container through compassionate listening, gentle guidance, and mindfulness practices like breathing exercises and guided meditation. This allows hidden emotions and internal parts to emerge organically, revealing deeper issues at their own pace.

Drawing from Internal Family Systems Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Psychodynamic Theory, I employ various tools to facilitate insight, build coping skills, and unfold stuck patterns. Journaling is also integrated to clarify thoughts and intentions, manifesting them into actionable steps.

Through this gentle yet transformative process, you uncover inner resources and strengths to face life's challenges with wisdom, resilience, and joy. You reconnect with your deeper self - your essence, values, and purpose - emerging renewed and empowered to live wholeheartedly.

My role is to hold the space for your healing journey, walking by your side with kindness, empathy, and openness. Together we travel toward wholeness, one thoughtful insight and compassionate act at a time.

I am welcoming new clients at Greenberg Psychological in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and Rye, New York, offering in-person and virtual sessions for those residing in New York State!

Couples' Therapy

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At the heart of my couples therapy approach is the fundamental belief that the relationship is my client rather than the individuals within it.

I draw inspiration from Emotionally Focused Therapy and Imago Dialogue, helping partners reconnect with their deeper feelings, needs, and longings. We cultivate mindfulness of the emotional data beneath the words and behaviors, valuing it as a sacred source of insight and empathy.

Together we create a safe, nurturing space for open communication, seeking first to understand before trying to respond. My role is to guide each person to speak from the heart, listen non-judgmentally, and validate each other's experiences.

We increase affection, caring, and connection through gentle exercises and affirmations while diminishing blame, criticism, and defensiveness. Partners learn the art of honoring their unique perspectives while strengthening unified bonds rooted in trust, compassion, and shared meaning.

The focus remains steadfast on the well-being of the relationship as a whole, illuminating a path toward deeper intimacy, understanding, and a safe harbor within the partnership.


Together, we journey toward the common goal of transforming the vibration between you into a source of mutual fulfillment, joy, and wisdom for both.

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