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Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist at

Greenberg Psychological 

in New York, NY

Erin Miller

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“The source of most troubling emotions–as well as most unhealthy behaviors–is not people or circumstances, but a usually unconscious feeling of disconnection.”
Robert R. Randall


About Erin Miller,

As a caring therapist and compassionate hypnotherapist currently practicing at Greenberg Psychological, my aim is to help each client feel profoundly seen, deeply understood, and wholly accepted without condition. Whatever identities you embrace, I am devoted to gently uncovering the essence of who you are - your sacred values, profound beliefs, and wise outlook on life - while also honoring our shared human yearnings, such as the yearning for heartfelt connection and the longing to feel truly known.

My therapeutic style is warm, nurturing, and unconditionally nonjudgemental. I am dedicated to providing a safe haven to explore past joys and sorrows, present wonders and wounds, and craft a future brimming with purpose and meaning.

I have a passion for supporting those struggling with anxiety, identity confusion, depression, trauma, and a longing to find their deeper purpose and meaning.  Everyone deserves to feel more profoundly alive, deeply healed, and fully realized. I am here to walk with you towards wholeness and home.

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